The @broccolise detox

I am going to stay away from social media until the end of December !

Ok I have said it, now I have to do it, otherwise you will all blame me for being a “lots of  words but no actions”-person.

So, why ?

  •  Because I spend an enormous amount of time on scrolling through facebook, instagram, tweets,… without even realizing what I am reading or seeing.
  • Because feeling happy after a ‘like’ or a comment, is not really the type of happiness I want to experience.
  • Because I like this “do one thing every day that scares you” quote and the idea of not being able to open facebook/instagram definitely scares the hell out of me.
  • And finally… because I want to prove to some people myself that I can !

Why not just minimize time spent on social media?

  • Because I tried and … I failed ! I hope blocking it for an entire month will help me to use it in an appropriate way afterwards.
  • Oh and because 30-day challenges are quite trendy nowadays, you should also try one 😉

Here I go… I will remove all social apps from my devices, turn off all notifications, remove the url’s from my favorites list and start making a list of distractions (maybe I can finally finish this endless “books I need to read”-list).




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