As my master thesis and other school related tasks are preventing me from going abroad, there will probably be no citytrip-post till at least the beginning of July =(
However, the world is full of vegetarian related subjects and possibilities to write about. Topic of this post: milk without milk !

You might decide to go for a dairyfree lifestyle for several reasons: animal welfare, health, allergies, taste,….
In this post I’ll try to give a bit of an overview of the dairy-free alternatives to milk I’ve tried and my opinion about them. I hope this will motivate you to pour a bit of almond milk in your coffee, make a milkshake by using coconut milk or replace the cow milk in your bowl of cereals by some soy milk.
Believe me, your taste buds will like it!

Soy milk
My plant-powered buddy for several years and the one that’s always present in my pantry is Alpro’s Soya light (52 kcal). I use it to prepare my oatmeal, mix it with my cereals, make hot chocolate out of it,…
The taste is not so strong as the Alpro Soya original (78 kcal) but still enough to make your breakfast a bit more tasty. A big advantage is that it doesn’t cause that bloated feeling, which I suffer from after drinking a glass of ‘normal’ cow milk.
I’ve also tried several cheap alternatives and only one could replace my light buddy (sometimes): Everyday Soydrink (78 kcal). It tastes a bit more creamy and has a stronger taste, which makes it quite a good alternative for the Soya original (Alpro).

Most of the time I’m using soy milk as the ‘ordinary’ alternative to milk. In coffees, smoothies, milkshakes, … on the other hand I prefer something more tasty like nut drinks.

Nut milk
Nut based milks are really my favorite type of alternative to dairy milk, I can really consume a liter a day of this heavenly beverage. Luckily most nut drinks are quite low in calories, hurray!
Nutdream original (60 kcal) has a creamy taste, probably because it contains cashews, one of my favorite kinds of nuts. I mostly drink this milk pure or add a bit to my coffee.

The best way to describe Alpro Almond original (48 kcal) is as liquid almond, it’s exactly what you expect from an almond drink : the pure taste of almonds. This drink also contains the least amount of calories, which you wouldn’t guess based on its rich taste.

Almond big

This milk is now also available in easy small packages, which is perfect to give your ‘vending machine coffee’ a bit more taste. I always take one with me to school or work.

Almond small

A nice alternative to hot chocolate is Alpro Almond Dark Chocolate (94 kcal), which is of course also delicious if you drink it cold. I sometimes add it to my coffee to create a dairy-free mocaccino.

Dark choco
Alpro Hazelnut original (58 kcal) always reminds me of the chocolate spread I ate as a child, which is a good thing! Similar to the nut dream drink I mostly drink this one pure or add it to my coffee because of its lovely taste.

Analogue to Nutdream there also exists Coconutdream (100 kcal), a creamy coconut milk with a great taste but unfortunately quite a lot of calories, which makes it less appropriate for everyday use.

Coconut dream

Koko coconut milk (54 kcal) on the other hand provides an equal taste with less calories, it even tastes more to natural coconut, which is a big advantage in the opinion of a coconut lover like me.


Till now Koko was my absolute favorite but Alpro released some days ago their Alpro coconut drink (40 kcal) which I still have to try. (I’ll keep you posted!)

If you have any questions about the drinks I’ve tried: shoot! Better alternatives? Feel free to leave a comment below  😉

The kcal mentioned are the amount of kcal present in one glass (200 ml).

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