I am Lise and I’ve created this blog some years ago to keep family and friends updated about my erasmus adventures. Before I left, my brother gave me a broccoli-shaped toy from Ikea. He thought it was a great match as I am a vegetarian and a big fan of the color green. That’s how the name Broccolise was born.

I love to travel and I have the huge advantage that I also need to travel a lot for work purposes. During all these trips I made quite some pictures with my smartphone but I got a bit irritated as I could not always capture the world as I was perceiving it. That’s why I subscribed for a photography course, which I am still attending atm.

This website therefore mainly shows pictures, combined with my travel experiences. There will definitely also be some posts about (vegetarian) food and other interesting things that life throws at me.

Kisses and lots of love,


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